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Feeding our Community: Warminster Food Bank

volunteer Times are difficult. The year 2020 has been the cause of so much turmoil. With the pandemic, families began to suffer by losing jobs and loved ones. Medical bills piling up and little help from our government create pandemonium. Moving into 2022, the pandemic begins to subside, and people are finally returning to work, then inflation hits. Families are still reeling without enough food on the table. No one should ever be hungry or worry about where their next meal will come from. In Warminster, PA, Warminster Food Bank is here to feed our community one box at a time.

What is Inflation, and Why is it Happening?

In simple terms, inflation is the process of goods rising as the dollar shrinks. The federal government predicted that inflation would increase by 2% because of the pandemic. In reality, there has been a 6% rise. Just a few weeks ago, things that cost 89 cents may now cost $1.38. This is the new normal, and the likelihood of things decreasing in price is slim. You may ask why this is happening now? Can’t we all just get a break? Unfortunately, the leading cause of these crazy prices is twofold. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have increased the prices of the goods at home. At the beginning of 2022, there was a significant supply disruption. Goods could not reach the stores in a timely manner, which caused empty shelves. With the disruption along with customer demand, the prices skyrocketed.

How can Warminster Food Bank help you?

Warminster Food Bank gives away 100s of pounds of food monthly to needy families in our community. We pride ourselves in making sure no family is left out in the cold when they need supplies to stay healthy. The food bank offers perishable and non-perishable foods, clothing, and toiletries. We are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Stop by 75 Downey Drive, Warminster, PA 18974. You can also phone (215) 323-4797 or text (215) 672-6422 for availability.

How can you help Warminster Food Bank?

We cannot help our community without the love and support of our donors. If you are in the Warminster, PA area, call (215) 323-4797 to set up an appointment for supply donations. You can also bring cash donations. Amazon Smile is a wonderful program. This allows you to donate to charities every time you complete a purchase. We are proud to be a part of this program for our families. Use our link to donate directly to the Warminster Food Bank. We are also seeking volunteers to help with sorting and getting our community back on its feet.

Upcoming Events

On May 7th, 2022, come join the Warminster Food Bank for a donation 5k marathon. The Donation Dash is between 9 and 11 eastern time at the Warminster Community Park. Come on out and support the families of our great community, meet new people, and have loads of fun. Follow this link to sign up for the marathon or to find out more information. Corporate sponsors are also welcome. The Pack the Outback event is between May 1st and the 12th, 2022. The good folks at Colonial Subaru is holding a food drive to support the Warminster Food Bank. Drop off non-perishable items in their showroom between these dates. Follow this link to find out more information. Support the Warminster Food Bank and the environment with the ACME Give Back event. Between May 1st and the 31st, 2022, between 9 and noon, you can purchase reusable bags from ACME. Every $3 bag gives $1 to the food bank. Follow this link for more information. Stop by today at the Warminster Food Bank to give or receive much-needed help. We pride ourselves on top volunteers to give our community a hand up.

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