Inflation is wreaking havoc on all goods in the United States. They estimated that in 2022 food prices alone have increased by 9%. Along with everything else, such as housing, gas, and utilities, more families are going hungry than in previous years. The Warminster Foodbank in Warminster, PA, strives to help every family in the community to be able to eat daily. Here are the top four reasons to volunteer at the Warminster Foodbank.

Zero Cost

In 2022, it is challenging to find fulling things to do without costing an arm and a leg. Volunteering at the Warminster Foodbank can meet new people, form bonds, and help your community. Making friends in a feel-good environment will help your mental health and have like-minded people to communicate with.

The Warminster Foodbank makes volunteering a breeze. You can call (215) 323-4797 to find out when you can come down to help out. Visit their website to fill out their online form. They urgently need people like you to volunteer for three-hour shifts to help hungry people in your area.

Sense of Community

We are all in the same boat. The soaring inflation could mean the difference between eating or buying medication. Many people are one paycheck away from becoming homeless. Volunteer at the Warminster Foodbank to be able to help more people each day. With a shortage of volunteers, they struggle to be able to fill the boxes, stack food, and give away much-needed substance.

Make a Difference

Right now, people are scared, confused, and frustrated. With so much that has gone on within the last four years, it’s hard to maintain a sense of normalcy. Every person you come in contact with will be grateful for your help. You will see the pain in their eyes and how thankful they are for some help in these trying times. We are all worried about how we will make it through the day. Be someone’s star in the dark sky by becoming a volunteer at the Warminster Foodbank.

Contact the Warminster Foodbank at (215) 323-4797 or their website. You can volunteer, donate, and check out special events happening in the Warminster, PA area. They urgently need people to help people. If you need food, visit their website or call for the operation times. Each person can make a difference in the lives of others.

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